Birds you can see on Tanjenong:

Welcome Swallow

Superb Blue Wren

White-browed Scrub Wren

Willie Wagtail

Grey Fantail

Eastern Striated Pardalote

Yellowfaced Honeyeater

English Starling

Australian Magpie

Pied Currawong


Crimson Rosella

Eastern Rosella


Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike

White winged Chough

Southern Whiteface

Scarlet Robin

Grey Shrike Thrush

White browed tree creeper

Mistletoe bird

White eared honey-eater

Australian Kestre;

Whilte browed wood-swallow

Grey Curraway

Australian Wood duck

Richard’s Pipit

Golden Whistler

Rufous Whistler

Spotted Pardolote

Fan-tailed cuckoo

Red-brown Finch

Brown Thornbill

Animals found at Tanjenong:

Wallaroos, Rednecked Wallabies, Swamp Wallabies, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Wombats and Echidnas.

Up in the trees you may see Greater Gliders, Sugar gliders, Brush-tailed Possums, and Ring-tailed possums.

On the river bank you may see Gippsland Water Dragons as well as Platypus,

various Frog species and Blue-tongued Lizards.

There are also a variety of snakes (often poisonous) like the Eastern Brown, the

Red-bellied Black, Copperhead, and Taipan. Please remember that 90% of snake

bites occur while the victim is attempting to kill the snake so we strongly advise you

to give them a wide berth and allow them the chance to escape from you as they are

afraid of you. It is important to always wear adequate footwear and leg protection


The River is home to Trout, Cod and Maquarie Perch, both of which are protected by law. River Blackfish, Silver Perch and Murray Cray are also found here � all of these species are rare in this region and unfortunately there is an increasing number of carp.

Native Fauna found on Tanjenong

Eucalyptus dalrympleana

Scribbly Gum (E.Rossi)

Red Stringy Bark (E. Macrorhyncha)

Tall River Oaks (Casuarina cunninghamia)

Tea Trees

Bottle Brushes

Apple Box Gums

Ribbon Gums